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There are diverse reasons why an HP printer goes offline, even if it is taking printing commands. The foremost reason to display Offline by an HP printer is its WiFi connectivity problem.

Another foremost reason for being an HP printer offline is that the desktop and laptop are not accurately configured by its IP address.

To  assure that the IP address is configured correctly or not, follow these steps:

  • Go to the settings section of the HP Envy printer.
  • Click on the networking tab.
  • Choose the IP address option in the drop-down menu
  • Select the manual setting option and enter the accurate IP address.

Above mentioned steps will enable you to demolish the mistake regarding fallacious IP address.


Steps To Fix HP Envy Printer Offline Error in Windows

To bring your offline printer to online, you must have to make sure that the printer is connected to your computer great.

Have a look at below-mentioned points to demolish this type of particular glitches from your printer device:

  • First, restart your printer and wait for few minutes until the printer becomes fully ready.
  • Now, check the connectivity of the printer to the computer or router and make sure that the cables are securely connected for USB and Ethernet cable.
  • If your printer is having a wireless connection, make sure that you are connected to the right network, IP address, and internet access.
  • After these all, Run Test Print.



If the same problem is continued, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the “Devices and Printers” section by clicking the start menu in the Windows operating system.
  2. Right-click on the HP Envy Printer icon and go to the “See what’s printed” section.
  3. Untick the checkbox in the “Use Printer Offline” section. After a few moments, your HP Envy Printer will come online, and then you can start your printing.
  4. If it does not work, turn off your HP Envy Printer from the switchboard and disconnect it from your computer system.
  5. Connect it again to the computer system within a while and turn it ON back.
  6. Restart the computer system; your HP Envy Printer will work entirely great, without going to again on offline mode.


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HP Envy printer says offline, how to get it back online and working?

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