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The WPS Pin is a network by which you can connect your HP wireless printers to the devices for printing. The WPS stands for ‘Wi-Fi protected setup’ and enables to establish a connection between your devices or printers. Opposite to what is thought, the WPS is not a security feature. It is just a feature that enables better operation of the existing security features.


The WPS network only works in cases of wireless printers with the help of a unique WPS pin.

Even within the WPS system, there are two types of possible connections that are available on HP printers. One is the WPS Pin, and the other is the WPS Button.

In the button configuration method of connecting your printer, you only need to either press an actual button or make one decision on a virtual button to enable the functioning of the system. The actual button might be installed onto the hardware of the printing device itself.

There are two methods of doing this, which will be discussed below.

Go to the control panel on one’s computer. Following which, you are required to press the button which says either ‘Settings’ or ‘Wireless’ in the folder.

A light then starts blinking and a slew of options materialize. Out of which you have to pick the ‘Wi-Fi protected Setup’ option or the WPS button.

You will then be directed to a procedure through your router where your WPS button is activated.

This will be the end of the process and you will see your printed being completely connected to your device.


Connect HP Printer using WPS Pin


First go to the control panel on one’s computer and then directing to either the ‘Wireless’ button or the one that says ‘settings’.

Once you click on the Wi-Fi protected Setup options that shows, a set of options will then materialize in front of you.

Following this, you will have a PIN displayed on the screen. This is your WPS PIN for Your Printer and is important.

Then head over to your printer, and open the HP folder on your printer. From here, head over to your printer settings and options. Select the option which allows you to connect a printer to the device.

Install the network printer device after this. And the process of connecting through WPS pin is now complete.


Conclusively, if any other issues happen, make sure your router is connected correctly, that you have followed all the steps properly. Or maybe switch off all the devices and try to establish a connection again.


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