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The HP printer series ensures versatility as the printer can always access from numerous devices. It can also tend to varied tasks like fast and good quality printing, efficient management of energy and affordable range. Any technical issue or problem relating to HP printer is also addressed in questions given on its website. There are also 24/7 helpline numbers given to solve problems of customers relating to the HP Printer Wireless Setup. It overall offers good customer care responsiveness on its website as well.

There are a lot of steps one can take to make sure they set up their HP printer on their own. This is the first thing people do after buying their HP printer. This is a simple process which will be given in steps below, however the above options of customer care and service executive technicians is also available for customers.


How to setup HP wireless printer on Windows


Step for HP wireless printer Setup on Windows

  1. You can do this in the Wi-Fi protected password manner or in the SSID code connection manner


  1. First switch on your printer and click on the button on your HP printer which says wireless


  1. Now go on to the wireless wizard setup option


  1. A dialog box and instructions will direct you to your next screen. Make sure you click on OK.


  1. You have to now select the network you want to connect with from the options which show on your screen


  1. In case any problem happens then make sure that the printer driver of your HP printer is downloaded. You can do this by going to the HP website. Type in the name of your HP Printer model and type and then click on download the printer driver software. The file will then get downloaded on your computer.


  1. Once the file is downloaded, you will then have to click on the file on your computer and then complete the process of installation.



How to setup the HP wireless printer to your MAC device


Step for HP wireless printer Setup on MAC


  1. First you have to switch on your computer, internet connection and your printer
  2. Make sure you internet connection is functional, the router is working and all the cables wires are properly attached
  3. Now head over to the control panel option on your computer
  4. The network wizard now opens and gives you a list of networks which you can connect your computer and printer with
  5. Pick the network you wish to connect to. Also go over to the Apple button and make sure you update your software from here
  6. Now you will have to click on the plus sign on your screen and add the name of the device you wish to connect with.
  7. The add printer option will now show. Make sure you select your HP Printer Wireless Setup
  8. Once this process is done then the HP wireless printer will connect to your MAC device.

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