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The HP printer is a commonly used brand which is also very reliable, effective and helps with a lot of things like printing, scan and even copying. It is a good brand with recommended customer ratings.


However even in the best of printers like the HP printer, there can still be problems like the printer being in an error state. It is important to realise that this is a normal occurrence and can also be fixed easily.


To fix this problem, make sure you follow few steps given below. The steps are easy to follow and for the convenience of the customer and can be done by them on their own.

If this does not help either, there are still a number of options like looking up online to the website to find out queries and possible solutions to the problem of your HP Printer displaying error state.


First we have to find out why the HP printer is displaying error state. Once this is realised, then it will make it much easier to correct the error state on your HP printer and fix it.



  1. Check wires and cables


The wires and cables could be improperly connected to the printer or the computer causing the HP printer to display an error state. Make sure the internet connection is functional as well. Ensure that both the printer and the computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi connection if they are. You could also check if the router and its cables are properly connected. Once all the wires and the internet is fixed, then try and start the printer again to see if it functions.



  1. Printer paper error


There could be a display of error on the HP printer due to there being a printer logjam. There could be excess paper, or even lack of paper in the printing tray. Aside from this there could also be issues like the ink cartridge getting empty or not working.

You could also try cleaning out the nozzles which could be clogged and leading to causing issues like the HP printer showing error.



  1. Restart your device


It is a full proof solution and does not need a lot of explanation. All this requires you to do is to make sure you disconnect all the ports of the printer and computer and then connect them again to make sure and fix the HP printer showing error. This could be tried for not only devices which have the Microsoft operating software but also those devices which have a MAC operating software.



  1. Change the offline status of your printer


Your HP printer showing error could also be due to more reasons like the printing having an offline status instead of an online one. To make sure your printer is working in an online status, you need to go to devices and printers option and manually change the offline status of your printer.


After this has been done you can run a few test prints to check if the process has been completed and also see if the HP printer in error state display is no longer there and is gone.

Then you can begin using your computer and HP printer properly.


We hope that you get the solution regarding the printer issues. Our team is always available for your Printer related any problem any time 24 x 7. Call our Toll-Free Number:- +1-844-753-9392.


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