How to Get HP 4500 Printer on Online Mode?

The HP 4500 printer is one of the better quality printers available to the customers today. The company is very dependable, as are its products in terms of printing, scanning, copying etc. HP printers even though being some of the best in the market, sometimes experience an error in their working. The HP 4500 printer sometimes displays an offline status.


This could be happening due to a number of various reasons. It could be due to some connection error, cable problem, printer driver software problem of the HP 4500 printer, or even a hardware error. It is important to locate the problem behind why the HP 4500 printer is offline so that it becomes easy to fix the issue.


There are a number of steps you can take to make sure that the HP 4500 printer is set into an online mode again. The steps are simple to follow and are given below. In case of more errors, there is also the option of going to the HP printer website and then looking for solutions regarding getting the HP 4500 printer on online mode. There are also a number of customer service numbers given online which can be dialed and the helpline numbers can also be referred.


· How to get the HP 4500 printer on online mode?



How to get HP 4500 printer on online mode?

1. Printer queue

Clear the printer logjam and any other printing jobs which may have queued up. This is to ensure that any error being caused to the setup due to the logjam is erased. You can start all over.

2. Printer driver issue

If the issue persists, you might either need to update the printer driver software online or you could also try uninstalling it and then reinstalling it again. This might help in making the HP 4500 printer online again.

3. Default printer

You could also try and go to the control panel on your device and make sure that the HP 4500 printer is set as the default printer and that no other devices are connected to the computer to make sure there are no overlaps or errors.

4. Printer wires

There could sometimes arise an error due to the cables and wires of the printer as well as the connected device, computer etc. not working properly. Ensure all the wires have been plugged in properly and are functioning as well. Another important thing to note is that ensure your Wi-Fi connection is active and is working properly.

5. Wi-Fi issues

Make sure that your printer as well as your computer/tablet are both connected to the same internet connection and not different ones as this could cause errors in the HP 4500 printer.


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